Thursday, 18 November 2010

What a Great Meeting!

So tonight was my first meeting, post-launch. I wasn't dreading it at all, but was nervous to find out what the feeling in the room would be like.

I had 1 new member, some who couldn't make it to the launch last week and some who haven't come back.... for what ever reason (will wait and see if they come back next week)

Anyway, there was SOOOOO much positivity in the room. A couple of members admitted that they hadn't quite got their heads around it all, but had followed Points this week whilst still reading up ready to start properly this week, but on hearing the stories of those who HAD followed ProPoints, everyone was really geared up and ready!

Last week I had a room full of people.... a definite first for this meeting for me, but I was absolutely overjoyed to have just about the same number of people again this week! WOW! And the weight loss??? Two and half times that of last week!!!

Up from 12.5lbs last week to 31.5lbs this week!!! Absolutely brilliant!!

I am so pleased and so was everyone else, particularly the one member who was worried that she'd eat too much fruit and didn't understand it.


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